by treasuretroves

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all OG bedroom production by Joel Degotardi
DIY 'til I die cunt


released January 27, 2017

joel degotardi - guitars, vox, bass, drums, synth.
zac mason - percussion (track 4)
urach ez - chorus lyrics (track 1)



all rights reserved


treasuretroves Newcastle, Australia

18, idiot

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Track Name: boring
Blue blue, do what you do
do what you do to me
come on come on, I can take it
take it all away from me

I thought I needed you
now I know I don't need shit
you make me forget what I'm here for

It's raining
It's boring
I want to be with you
and lay down beside you

Hurt come for me first
come for me first I want it
hate hate I want a date
I wanna date with you

I'm so whiny
I fucking hate me
when you're around, oh when you're around
I wanna keep my feet on the ground
Track Name: o darling
Oh darling
you send me shivers
down my spine
you dance around me
you're speaking softly
you know I'd please you
I just want to be with you

For years I've tried to be someone else
if I woke up next to you everyday
you know I'd be well

I'm yours now
take me in I'm yours now
you're all I want and more girl
take me in I''m yours now
Track Name: i think she's worth the gamble
And I was so afraid
so afraid it would all go sour again
that numbness and rot would return
and take me with it
Can I allow myself to feel deeply again
or will poor judgement and consequence
drag me deep down and drown me
I think she's worth the gamble

Sunshine girl is sleeping
shining brightly
she fills my head with songs
and giddy pleasure
In exile so long
so long spent earnestly waiting
to meet with lips so soft
and dance with bodies entwined

I think she's worth the gamble

She is the greatest gift in the world
and she gives herself to me
I feel like I could die again
but this time I'm complete
Track Name: fruit loops
Fear perpetuates me forward into the unknown
but I can't describe the feeling to anyone
because nobody understands

Hide me in darkness where no one can see my face
don't let anyone touch me
leave me just this place

Leave me alone
I just want to be alone

Fuck me out
find a home
don't need anyone
leave me alone

If I want something I'll let you know
but right now I just need some time
to think by myself for a while, for a lifetime

Isolate me, cut off my toes
line them on the floorboards all in a row
feed them to the hungry, the poor, those in need
at least then I'll be of some use in this world
Track Name: nightfall
Can't find a way to steer us clear
change direction of this night
no where I want to stay or go
we fight arrival of the light
slow bodies flood in disarray
oiled wholly mind away
it's the saddest party of the world
where no one knows or is invited

Come inside with us and
throw your mind away
we're so devoid of love
just give me your trust

Cheap passed affection is the key
don't need the name, don't need to plead
what is the cause of celebration?
why the need to get fucked up?
entertainment for the masses
entertainment for the simple
headcase full of fuelled desire
better leave before you're hurt again
Track Name: i'm just a shell
Oh but I remember
how I used to make you feel
in happier times I wanted you mine
but now I'm just a shell

Oh bend 'til broken
your hands are clutched in mine
you say you love me for sure this time
but now I'm just a shell

I wanted to be free
I wanted to be anything for you
Track Name: girl i want you more
You tore my heart out
and it stings like a raw open wound
I hope you come back to me one day
I promise you wont regret it

Hold hard
lonely lover
my heart is hollow
don't bother

Girl I want you more
I know what's in store
I can be your man
I can understand
I have been ignored
girl I want you more