by treasuretroves

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A collection of demo tracks I've been working on writing/recording as an exchange student in Hungary this year.


released September 27, 2015

joel degotardi - guitar, vox, drums, bass, synth, lyrics
urach ez - skramz (track 3), percussion (track 6)



all rights reserved


treasuretroves Newcastle, Australia

18, idiot

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Track Name: cellophane brain
can't stop
can't start
even dogs will cease to bark
can't think
can't dream
don't feel a fucking thing
can't move
can't grow
i just want to be alone

when i die
burn my bones
burn my body
burn my home

don't leave a trace of my worthless existence
Track Name: people never notice anything
you burn my eyes, and ears
my mind, my body can't take the pain
it's a feeling, it's a threat
running home full of regret
Track Name: god, i wish you could've been there (feat. GHOUL)
confrontation is a threat
have it all just put to rest
unless you've got a place to hide
to comfort and replenish

let me show you my insides
we'll find a place to hide away
we'll have a fucking ball together
I'll make you want to stay

you're a venom you're a hex
I want you close I want your breath

I wanna feel your body
I wanna be your bedsheets
distance is the killer
distance is the poison

your life it mends
the love you left
Track Name: lesser deomn
bugs fall from great heights and scuttle away unharmed. skeletal systems braced for impact. genetics prepare them for this monumental drop. why is it? when I want to do the same I'm always forced to stop.

the skyline awash in a thin orange haze while the appointed choir sings the glorious songs of the populace. the history and folklore of this lush, pristine sanctuary of which they inhabit. I kiss you, you're beautiful as we share this fleeting moment of perfection.

fall on your face flat
cower kittykat
freeze my bones and crack
scatter scuttle

no one wants to talk
no one gives a fuck
no one understands a thing
no one wants to be with me
no is the source of blame
I am no object of desire
though it hurts like hell
to burn alone in this fire
Track Name: boy! that made me feel blue as hell
blue you're the hardest thing to forget
the taste of your skin is so deeply imbedded

sun spots seep through illuminate your body
share with me this fleeting luxury

i'd hate for our strong & crazy love to fade

you and i will cross again someday
we cling together in shadows
we fall together in ice
Track Name: never tell anyone anything
oh sunny lover, how'd you fill me with darkness
foggy weather cloud my eyes, take my body take my life
leave me to wallow and die in frozen isolation
check up on me, check up to ensure misery

shovel smack, break my teeth
love me in another way someday

i'm too tired of everything to do anything useful
Track Name: the worst were the boxing lessons he gave us
don't you despise me
don't you hate my face
they were both naked
and they were not ashamed
Track Name: i'll get back to you when i'm not such a loser
i'm so tired of everything
maybe you'll see what I need
let's meet again when were both more stable
I need some time to get under control again

crush me, find holes in what I propose
just fuck me and leave me be
hone your skills at home
it's much easier when you're alone
I can't find the words
I can't find the words

i want to feel nothing
slink back to my shell where I will stay til I am needed for something useful
call me back when I can help you
I have nothing else to do

let's go get lost again
we'll find somewhere to lay and love a while
talk about the polar bears
venom seep into my skin
now it's all fucked beyond recognition
neutral face, feelings blank
it's easier to forget
pretend that it was never meant

it's been so long since I've been touched
and I'm starting to feel alone
thoughts wake me, I can't sleep
just what I need

deep in thought, deep in recess
form an abscess of absence
Track Name: D0G T1RED (bonus)
i don't wanna go outside cause i don't know where to go, there's so much to think about, what i wanna wear, where im gonna go, what im gonna eat, i cant deal with all that sHIT, so i don't! i don't go outside!
its so much easier that way, i can do anything i want to, there's no need to go out, there's no need to see people i dont need to go out, i can do anything i want to, inside, it's great, so great
cause even when i try, i always fall

i don't wanna go outside
cause ppl make me sad
and i see so many ppl
when i go outside

watch people, watch lives not mine, everyday i try but i find, i am slipping i am slipping i will fall, if i fall i will never wake up, boredom come for me come for me consume, write everything write it all for someone, you will need you'll want it just keep it, keep it locked away where no one will find, keep busy do something don't think, sleep read run browse cry scream eat ANYTHING! tomorrow will b great, i wont feel like this. my friends are throwing me a surprise party aren't they?

i feel so distant
i feel so alone
i feel, i just want to be back with her
she made me happy